Jackie Braitman
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Working in Beautiful, Historic Takoma Park, MD

Jackie Braitman Sculpture

I’m enthralled by the power and grace of the human body in motion — and completely absorbed by the challenge of capturing that essence in a static sculpture. As is obvious from my work, what drives me is the idea and not a medium or style. In fact, experimenting with material, scale and form is what helps me in this exploration.

Sculpture is completely integrated in my life. The studio takes up the entire first floor of my bungalow in historic Takoma Park, MD. I work with the doors open and welcome the constant pedestrian traffic of neighbors. The lower and upper levels — award-winning, much-toured spaces — are light-filled, private havens with purpose-built indoor/outdoor spaces. These spaces are remnants of my previous design/remodeling practice which I ran for over 15 years.

I think of my current focus on fine-art sculpture as Act 7. Previous acts included the design/remodeling practice mentioned, above, software development, corporate management, policy research, and public service. While these might seem quite disparate, the common thread is my nature as an agent of change. When I was younger, I welcomed the challenge of improving the performance of organizations. As I got a bit older, I welcomed the challenge of improving the lives of homeowners. Now, I’m pursuing a more selfish challenge to explore my life-long attraction to the beauty and power of the human form in motion.

The other factor leading to my many acts is how quickly I become bored with the routine. Once I’m no longer challenged by new things, I lose interest. It took me 15 years to lose the challenge in the design/remodeling practice. I shut down the practice because even complex, difficult jobs were just part of the routine. I expect the challenge in my current work to last the rest of my life. Because who can ever really accomplish the impossible — to make a static sculpture feel alive.



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